Friday, July 22, 2011

Mother Padma Lakshmi fighting “Dell” for daughter Krishna Thea Lakshmi

Soon after the split up with Adam Dell, the former model Padma Lakshmi got romantically involved with billionaire Ted Forstmann, soon to realize that she was expecting. For your knowledge, Adam is the brother of the founder Dell Computers Michael Dell.

Ever since, Dell discovered that he is the biological father of the baby Krishna (parental DNA test confirmed the News) he is trying to gain custody of his daughter. Adam filed a child custody case in New York for the infant and claimed that the Top Chef host’s lifestyle is too inappropriate for bringing up his daughter alone. However, Padma’s lawyer Jay D. Silverstein referred Dell's claims as "inaccurate and misleading."

In an out of court settlement, Adam was granted the visitation rights to see Krishna (his 11 months old daughter), 9 days in a month after Krishna turns 1 on February 20. Later Adam complained that he was only able to meet Krishna 7 hours a month and therefore he seeks more custody.

Padma claimed that Dell is just trying to patch up with her but she in no case is going to be with him again. On the other hand Dell has filed a lawsuit seeking full sole custody of her daughter and he wants her last name to be changed to “Dell”.

Lakshmi's representative Christina Papadopoulos released this statement: "Ms. Lakshmi believes that family matters should be kept private. She asks that those who join her in wanting the best for her daughter do the same. Ms. Lakshmi's sole interest lies in preserving the privacy and welfare of her daughter and in working out a fair and amicable agreement out of the media's glare"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jackson Browne vs Ohio Republican Party

Browne vs McCain

The 2008 Presidential election in USA may have given the nation an opportunity to rejoice the victory of Democratic Party candidate Barack Hussein Obama II to hold the prestigious office as their first African-American President.

Irreversibly, the Republican Party candidate Senator John McCain not only lost to the democrat but at the same time, he was sued along with the Ohio Republican Party, the Republican National Committee. Actually, the lawsuit was filed by the well known songwriter cum signer Jackson Browne. It was alleged by Browne that the former Republican Presidential candidate with the others breached the singer’s copyright and trademark rights and violated his publicity right by using Browne’s famous 1977 song “Running on empty”.

The Ohio Republican Party used this iconic number in one of their online ad campaign to attack one of the Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama’s energy programs. When the candid singer learned about this event where his song was downloaded from iTunes and used in support of McCain, the singer eventually decided to move court.

McCain with other defendants argued that the case should be dismissed on the ground that they had made fair use of the song. "Given the political, non-commercial, public interest transformative nature of the use of a long-ago published song, the miniscule amount used and the lack of any effect on the market for the song (other than perhaps increase sales of the song), these claims are barred by the fair use doctrine," one of the statements the dependents used while arguing in the court papers read,

It was also argued that the ad was a kind of political speech and should be dismissed under California's anti-SLAPP law (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) that incidentally allows for the dismissal of lawsuits that aim to prevent people from speaking about public matters.

McCain however filed the papers with the court asserting that he was not involved in the process of creating the video. "I was completely unaware that this video even existed until I was informed of it after the filing of this lawsuit," he wrote.

In due course, the parties settled and Jackson was issued an apology on behalf of the Republican Party.

Where should Nahla go???

Halle-Nahla- Gabriel

After going through two failed marriages, Halle is going through the ashes of a bad relationship now. The ugly rumors of child battle between Halle and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry fighting over their daughter’s custody case frustrated Halle to such an extent that in an email she wrote, “You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation,”

The Oscar-winning actress Halle also claimed that Gabriel would go mad Nahla was referred as “black.” Well, from all the News and battle rumors it is very much clear that Gabriel doesn’t wants his daughter to be referred with the “N” word and this seems to be one of the key reasons behind his attempt to seek custody. The other possible reason is Halle’s out station trips that resist Gabriel to spend time with Nahla as and when he wants (Now, this makes some sense). The more shocking News parallel to this weird child battle, recently Gabriel has demanded a paternity test, (now some one please tell me from where did this issue came into the picture?)

The couple split last year after dating each other for almost four years. In the beginning of the spilt it appeared that they were cordial enough to take care of their two year old daughter without any hassle…but by the end of the year things started turning upside down…hence the paternity test!!!

Some sources say that Halle was too busy with her work and couldn’t pay much attention towards Nahla, where as some sources say that Halle was jealous of Gabriel’s relationships with other girls.

After combating for several months, they both headed towards the court. Halle hired celebrity domestic attorney Neal Hersh (Yes he is the man behind Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson child custody battle). This high profile attorney won her a temporary authority to take Nahla with her to New York. However, the battle sparks are still fuming on!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Short tweet costs Courtney Love to pay Simorangkir $430,000!!!

Courtney LoveSocial media may have brought revolutionary changes on the world wide platform of sharing information. At the same time, it is equally true that its negative effects especially in the course of social networking sites cannot be overlooked at all. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and networks alike may have found a place in people’s mind but the way it has conquered the thought process of individuals reflects the pesky nature of exhibiting one’s life under everyone’s supervision.

There have been countless incidents that were reported and led someone to lose their high-profile jobs or even had a viral misleading i.e. negative campaign spread about their organization or enterprise from just a post or tweet. The need for a solid social media policy in context has been redefined recently when the world famous rock star Courtney Love landed herself in a lawsuit after her tweets on the world famous social networking site Twitter.

The story goes like this. The firebrand rocker took to her twitter account and made outlandish comments at the Texas based fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir as a “drug pushing prostitute”. It was in response to her dispute over payment of cloths that she bought from the designer aka “Boudoir Queen.” The comment was seen and picked up by 40,000 people through various social media channels.

The designer on the other hand, asked for unspecified damages and accused Love of ‘spreading contemptible and ferocious lies through marathon rants” on different social networking platforms.

Miss Simorangkir who was represented by Bryan Freedman filed the case against singer claiming that the false statements made by Love damaged her career in the fashion world.

Responding to the claim James Janowitz, a lawyer for the singer said, “We don’t believe there is any defamation, and even if there were defamatory statements, there was no damage.

In the end, Love agreed to pay Simorangkir sum of $430,000, plus interest to settle the lawsuit filed against her by the designer.

However, this case reiterates that twitter posts may be short but they can be costly too. So, next time you set out you make a personal remark on someone, take notice that it can land in middle of lawsuit jeopardy.

Charlie Sheen or Brooke Mueller- Appeal to modify the existing child custody order…declined!!!

Charlie Sheen with Brooke Mueller and Twins

After getting separated from his third wife Brooke Muller whom he married on May 30, 2008, Charlie Sheen filed a child custody case against ex-wife Muller to gain access to his twins, who were taken away from Charlie in order to obey the restraining order from court on March 1, 2011.

In April this year, both the ex-couple reached a concordance concerning their twin’s custody. Both the parent are having drug issues since past and are sorting it out in the rehabs, so it will be interesting to see what court has declare. In the mean while temporary custody of the kids has been given to Mueller’s mother.

Things can go rough for Muller as she refused to the drug tests requisite by their settlement agreement which is analogous to failing the test. She was even caught pawning jewelry for some extra bucks. Taking advantage of Muller’s this condition and activities, Sheen filled an appeal for modification of the present child custody order, demanding sole legal and sole physical custody of his kids, Bob and Max. He claimed that Muller is unfit for parenting due to her abusive behavior and drug addiction. His attorney Mark Gross also mentioned about Charlie’s desire to case his commitment to pay child support of $55,000 per month to ex-wife Mueller.

The latest info in this mutual battle is that, Charlie with attorney Mark Gross and Mueller with attorney Lori Howe showed up in court, in L.A. where the request of modifying the custody order was rejected by the judge. Bob and Max have been handed over to Muller’s mother. However, both the parents can visit their kids with the subject to visitation but will have to continue taking the drug test.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who is baby Bella? Former NBA Star Glen Rice demands paternity test!!!

Glen Rice

It seems like, living-in with ex-girlfriend Tia Santoro for one long year was not enough to build up the mutual trust between Tia and Glen Rice. Yes our very own former NBA superstar Rice! This proud father of Glen Rice Jr. from his ex-wife Cristy Rice, from The Real Housewives of Miami fame, now demands a paternity test for the 8 months old baby Bella (from Tia Santoro, of course). For those who are not that updated about the game, Glen Rice Jr., 21, is currently a sophomore guard for Georgia Tech, and sports the same #41 jersey, his father wore when he was in school and during his professional days too.

However, Glen has already filed the papers of paternity test in the court, South Florida, in April, 2011. The reason stated behind this step is that, Glen wants to make sure that he is taking responsibility of his own child and not of some body else’s. The signs are crystal clear now, things were not well between Glen and his ex-girlfriend, but the scenario is even more terrible now.

This very year Tia Santoro called a police to escort her to Glen Florida house to pick up her things because Glen, 43 supposedly would not allow her in his house or even open the doors. Strange…isn’t it!!!

Things were not so strange before, once Rice was a heart throb. Extremely successful, lavishly luxurious and one of the best American professional basketball player of the NBA, Rice had it all. He met Christy on a weekend in Phoenix and that weekend evening changed it all. But now they both have been separated and Christy lives with her five kids and runs an online boutique named Bri Bri Boutique, just for the kids.

Well, after the proceedings no matter where this ugly court battle may turn, it will surely be luring to what happened next?

Mysterious case of “Survivor” Bruce Beresford-Redman

A family was spending their vacation in Mexico City, when suddenly one day the wife went missing. Her body was found in the sewer of the hotel they were staying. Now, the husband is charged with the murder of his own wife and the custody of their two innocent kids has been taken from him. Can you guess who this man is?

Well he is Bruce Beresford-Redman, the former producer of the series “Survivor”. Bruce’s wife Monica Beresford-Redman went missing, her body was found behind Moon Palace resort in Cancun, Mexico on April 8, 2010. Held by the police Bruce was not allowed to leave Mexico till the investigation was on. His kids were sent to Bruce’s parents who were assigned with the temporary guardianship when Bruce’s passport was seized and he was not allowed to leave Mexico.

Bruce Beresford-Redman’s attorneys assert that federal prosecutors have not presented enough evidence to hold him in Mexico. Later the magistrate denied setting his bail and he has been in jail since November, 2010 on homicide charges.

After 15 months since the murder of his wife, Bruce is again asked to be sent back to Mexico for further proceedings. On July 12, 2011 U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian released her ruling after the extradition hearing in Los Angeles. If the consequence does not favor Bruce, he might have to face 12 to 30 years in prison.

Richard Hirsch, who is Bruce’s defender, brought light on the extreme contradiction in the facts & evidences, and demanded for rejection of the extradition.

On the other hand, Monica’s family’s defense attorney Alison Triessl revealed that her family is very happy with this decision and seeks custody of Monica’s kids.